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PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2020 4:52 pm    Post subject: Application Reply with quote

My previous usernames: Rbwilson, Temperrr, NadeShot
Current Name: Spyro
Previous Clans: LG, OP, AsG, OP
Current Clan: D

- Why do we need you?

I've always had a passion to join Rw, since 2010. I always saw Rw as the most skilled and talented I have applied in the past, but was rejected. Since then, my skill has increased tremendously, and I have grown to be a better overall player.

- A rank : How would you rate yourself on the following (out of 10. Be honest, it's only a general idea for us, don't forget to say your strong and weak points in each category as well though)

Shaman Skill - 7 /10
I would say that my shaman strong points would be ability to survive in combat, and lights. As for my weakness, I would say using smarter shaman control, as I die from lack of being smart while attacking etc.
Troop Skill - 6 /10
I can have some up and down days with trooping. I'm not very consistent. Some maps I need to learn to do better trooping like craters or face off, as other maps, such as pressure point, I am great with trooping.
Mana -7 /10
My mana growth is pretty good. At times, I be so focused into the game, I forget to charge spells at crucial times, so I waste mana as well. But I think I use my mana wisely when it comes to defending, attacking.
General Strategy -6 /10
I honestly think this is what I need to work on most. In certain situations, knowing what to do is crucial to coming out on top. I struggle with knowing the smartest move to make is, whether it be side door, double an opponent, backdoor, expand my base. In pressure moments, I make a lot of mistakes.
Defending -7/10
I am pretty good with defending. Again, I can perform better on maps I'm more comfortable with or have more experience on. I can defend against trooping pretty well, as well as shaman attacks, and being doubled I struggle with.
Recovering - 8/10
My recovery is pretty good I would say. I can rebuild a def pretty quick, or if my base is damaged, I can get it established in decent time as well. I'm smart about where and how to repair my defense if needed. I do struggle with recovery tho if my pop is low.
Teamwork -7/10
I think I am a good overall Teamplayer. I believe teamwork is a VERY big factor. I am good at warning my allies, being aware, sending them troops if they need, supporting them when attacking. I do believe that in pressure siuations tho, my teamwork is not as great, as I make mistakes. I feel like I do let my allies down in situations.

Total :48 /70

- A summary of what you could offer to us as a clan : We just want to see what kind of abilities you can bring which would contribute to the clan, and how it would be of any help to us.

I think I can bring some skill to the clan, as well as being active on mm, as well as forums. I would also like to represent the best clan in the community, being loyal. As well, I bring along respect to all members of the clan, and honesty.
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