Welcome to the new website of RoyalWidows - One of the oldest Populous clans still alive. The RoyalWidows clan was first established in the early months of 2004, being the newest clan on the scene from the death of the EA server, and started with some of the newer players of the time - namely BlackWidow and Black_Prince. Over the years the clan built up a strong memberbase which was based on friendly and skillful players. The clan however lost many members in 2006, and sat in the background with only the clan loyalists.

However, those days are over and Rw have continued to grow over these past few months. They have built up a strong memberbase again, and are continually striving towards making each player equal, in not only skills, but also in opportunities. If you are inclined to join Rw, then feel free to post an application on our forums and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Bear in mind that we look for players who are:

  • Willing to try their best to achieve maximum potential
  • Friendly
  • Determined
  • Loyal

Hope you enjoy the site,

The Management


I'd also like to thank Kiyana and [TDM]Red for their help and input into helping me with this site. It is much appreciated by all of our members.